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Default Nicknames for our rookies (help me choose a new username too)

give a nickname to each of the broncos draft picks

also, vote in the poll. whatever name wins becomes my new username since Turbin isn't a bronco

Broncos D= Wolfe Von Dumerstein

Derek Wolfe - The Wolfinator, Alpha Wolf, Wolfe Blitzer

Brock Osweiler - Bro Montana, Brocket Airsmail (rocket ismail anyone?), the kalispell gazelle, Brockback mountain,

Ronnie Hillman- Lil'man Hillman, Ronnie Cash, Ronnie Tsunami, The Long Beach Reach, Shy Ronnie (google it if you want a laugh... for argument's sake let's pretend ronnie is so afraid of defenders he evades them at all costs)

Omar Bolden- Golden Bolden

Phillip Blake- Brockefeller Center

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