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Mitch Erickson

Originally Posted by Hogan11
I don't like bombastic, arrogant players....everyone here knows how I felt about the Manning's and Portis's of the sports disdain for that type of player is very well documented.

I do have a problem with your statements about how someone who is modest and shows grace and humility somehow has no confidence or belief in himself just because he decides to be humble and not spout off about his abilities, even if questioned about them....I don't agree with your take at all on that.

Manning lost me as a fan awhile ago for a few reasons.....I'm not denying his abilities by saying that, not by a long shot...I'm just saying that I don't care for him or his attitude.

As I said wouldn't bother me at all to see him have a subpar year by throwing a lot of INTs and tasting a lot of turf this year....the only thing I like about arrogant players is watching them self-destruct on the field over the course of a may not happen all that often, but all seems right with the world when it does.
I'm saying that an Elite player in the NFL or most sports that are "humble" are usually lying. Sorry, maybe lying is too harsh. They are saying what they think people want them to hear by giving canned responses. It's a PR-driven world and we wouldn't want to hurt replica jersey sales.

Do you not think you are the best at what you do where you work? I do.

If I couldn't answer yes truthfully would I work on whatever was keeping me from being able to answer yes? Damn skippy.

Would I say it out loud? Probably not. Look at the crap I'd be taking for it.

If you don't have "the Fire" for what ever it is you do (NFL QB, Dog Groomer, Insurance Salesman, whatever) and the drive to succeed, then you will never reach your full potential. The cardinal sin commited here was that he said it and people overheard it. Manning is cool by me. I take him over most of the wife beatin', drug usin', 5 babies with 5 women havin' derelicts in the NFL. He's very active in the community and a stand up guy. Works for me.

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