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Originally Posted by Anubis_Zyklon
take away any of Peytons wideouts and plug in some average wides and see how well he does. Manning gets a LOT of help from his offense, not just a little. .

Do you watch football or just hang on on BB's and talk about subject you know painfully little about?

His primary RB's the past two years has been a slowed and bad wheeled E.James, undrafted rookie free agents James Mungro and Dominck Rhodes. His WR's consist of an excellent Marvin Harrison, a very average NFL starter in Reggie Wayne(does have potential to be very good IMO), journeyman Brandon Stokely(who has mostly been hurt) and journeyman Trent Walters.

Yeah, just take away all those "great" WR's and plug in some "average" ones and he would surely struggle.
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