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Originally Posted by Hogan11

Manning lost me as a fan awhile ago for a few reasons.....I'm not denying his abilities by saying that, not by a long shot...I'm just saying that I don't care for him or his attitude.

As I said wouldn't bother me at all to see him have a subpar year by throwing a lot of INTs and tasting a lot of turf this year....the only thing I like about arrogant players is watching them self-destruct on the field over the course of a may not happen all that often, but all seems right with the world when it does.

Am I missing something or you drinking heavily tonight? You are taking this twisted out of context "Hot Seat" comment as him being arrogant and a "attitude" player? Manning carries himself as one of the more down to earth, classier guys in the league. You know very little about him if you think otherwise.
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