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Originally Posted by Anubis_Zyklon
no way. for starters, Peyton has had a much better offesive line and better wideouts than Mcnair has. secondly, there were many times when Mcnair had to get out of trouble much like John in his heyday just to avoid many sacks. Peyton has no mobility whatsover. Peyton is good, but not THAT good.

That is complete garbage. McNair has had some very good offensive lines. Brad Hopkins has been a top notch tackle who has been with him most of his career. Jon Runyan was paired up with Hopkins for several years. Bruce Mathews was on that line for many of the years. Stepnowski came in while still on top of his game. He has had some damn good O Lines. Very solid RB in George a top receiving TE in Wycheck, pro bowl WR in Derrick Mason and a damn good defense keeping scores down and rarely putting him in a position to have to press to keep up.

The Colts O line lead the league in sacks allowed the season before he got there. With virtually no change in the personnel they were among the best in sacks surrendered with Manning under center. Purely cause of his ability to know the offense, the opponents defense and get rid of the ball quickly. That O Line has had zero Pro Bowl players on it. T.Glenn is the closest and he isn't anything special. Manning makes those guys look good, not the other way around. A couple years ago the Colts D gave up an NFL record 31 points per game. If McNair was put in a position to where he had to try and score 32 points just to have a chance to win it would be ugly.

As for the receivers, Manning has had bums like Torrance Small, Terrence Wilkins, Jerome Pathon and journeyman chumps like that as his number 2 WR's most of his career. Harrison is all he has had. Yet the one game Harrison missed was against the Jets and Manning threw for 400 yards and won the game. In addition James blew out his knee and since then has had rookie free agents in the backfield most of the time.

If Manning were throwing to Mason and McNair to Harrison I have a hunch that Mason would be in the elite 3 of WR's instead of Harrison. That is just my opinion but your opinion about McNair having far less talent around him is factually dead wrong.

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