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Mitch Erickson

Originally Posted by PatsWin2002
This is great debate stuff.

I disagree that the Pats would've won last year with 7 or 8 other possible QBs. Tom has marched us down the field so many times now at the end of games it's no fluke. Drew never had that composure.

Tom's a very cool customer and makes good decisions. Troy Brown is the only bona-fide go-to guy he had. He had no big WR to throw at and our TEs and RBs were average.

So, if the Pats repeat will it be because he finally got a running game with Dillon?

I see your point - and you are by no means the only one that says that - but the guy gets it done. Sometimes it's the things he doesn't do that makes him so valuable.
Ugghh, seeing Dillon in a Patriot uni makes that team pretty scary heading into camp. They are going to be good, very good. They have a bit of the '98 Broncos aura surrounding them. Now they are a solid team in all facets of the game.

BTW, what was all the flap with Brady and his free Caddy after winning the SB MVP about?

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