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Mitch Erickson

Originally Posted by Hogan11
Talk about reaching, did I say "Loser"?? No, I said arrogant.....again, since when does grace and humility reflect self-doubt or a lack of belief in ones self??

Elway never said such things...he didn't have to....guess he didn't believe in himself, did he?
You didn't say loser, but they guy sure is being villified for this and I think a lot of it is unfair. This seems a little overboard to me, he's taking more heat for saying he's the best QB then Seau did for making racist and anti-gay remarks.
Maybe all Peyton needs to do is work on his cliches like Nuke LaLoosh. Then everyone would be happy.

"Gotta play 'em one game at a time"
"I'm just happy to be here, hope I can help the team"

That's all I'm trying to say. He was asked a question and he responded. Does anyone remember when Portis was on the Hot Seat?

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