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Emma Watson

Originally Posted by PatsWin2002
This is great debate stuff.

I disagree that the Pats would've won last year with 7 or 8 other possible QBs. Tom has marched us down the field so many times now at the end of games it's no fluke. Drew never had that composure.

Tom's a very cool customer and makes good decisions. Troy Brown is the only bona-fide go-to guy he had. He had no big WR to throw at and our TEs and RBs were average.

So, if the Pats repeat will it be because he finally got a running game with Dillon?

I see your point - and you are by no means the only one that says that - but the guy gets it done. Sometimes it's the things he doesn't do that makes him so valuable.

yea, i dont see the overrated comparison. Brady is mobile, hasnt had a running game for the last 2 or 3 years and generally makes good decisions. with dillon coming into the mix its only going to make Brady that much better. he wont know what to do with himself now that he has a running game.
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