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Emma Watson

Originally Posted by ozomulsion
If Manning won a superbowl this year all you would talk about is how he has Harrison and Edge yaada yaada yaada. Give me a break. You clearly have something personal against the guy.

no, not really. i mean, i dont really like him but i never really liked him even when he was in college. but he has done more to impress me in the NFL then he ever did in college. i thought originally that out of him and Leaf that Manning would fall flat on his face. he proved me wrong in that respect. as far as Manning winning a super bowl, it all depends. if Manning has 100 yds passing with 5 ints but James carries for 250 yds and the defense holds the opponent to 7 points does that mean i have to give Manning credit? on the other hand, if he passes for 404 yds and 6 tds and 0 ints and the rest of the team does squat. then yea, he will get my respect. but really OZO, if Manning is to win a SB anytime soon he will need Edge and Harrison. and he will need a line that will not force him to try and move cause if they cant protect him he's done. im not even sure how durable he is. he doesnt take that many hits so who knows if he can take any damage. i doubt it but we will have to wait and see.
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