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Originally Posted by Anubis_Zyklon
fair enough, a lot of valid points you made there but i still think he has a long way to go. Trent Green has a crapload of stats as well but no one is mentioning him in the same sentence and to me they both are almost identical. to me, they are both just products of their current offensive systems. i never said Peyton was bad just overrated. i believe Peyton has the right football mindset and arm to succeed but i want to see what he can do without all the talent around him. maybe im too old fashioned in the sense that i watched John carry the broncos to 3 super bowls in the 80s without a whole lot of help or talent around him. even though Kurt Warner has a ring it really was the system that got it for him. it can happen for Peyton as well but i just feel today's QB needs to have a more balanced attack both with his feet and arm and Peyton doesnt fit into that mold in my opinion.

If Manning won a superbowl this year all you would talk about is how he has Harrison and Edge yaada yaada yaada. Give me a break. You clearly have something personal against the guy.
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