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Originally Posted by Anubis_Zyklon
lmao. oh yea, criticizing you teamates shows great leadership abilities just ask Terrell ' im the greatest reciever eva ' Owens who has, how many rings again? as i stated before it takes more than stats to become a GREAT Qb. take away any of Peytons wideouts and plug in some average wides and see how well he does. Manning gets a LOT of help from his offense, not just a little. guys like Elway did a ****load more with less than what Manning has helping him. and their defense was much much improved from previous years but the fact is he got outplayed by Brady and the Pats. hell, Brady deserves more credit than he is getting he hasnt had a that little thing called a running game to help him. talk about perking up the rabbit ears, you need to get out of that tunnel vision you latched onto.
Dude your on a roll!!

valid ass points!

I think the only reason Payton played so well in last years playoffs is because he got the fire lit up his ass!

Too bad the guy holding the match was kicker who is more of a competitor than him.

If you have ever read anything on Vanderject the dude does not consider himself a kicker he is football player. Try telling it to his face he will tackle your ass!

Anyways till Manning wins a ring hes a loser just like Elway was always considered and Elway never had a receiver like Harrison or a running game like Edge till TD came along.

And Elway is 10 times the competitor Manning will ever be.

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