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Emma Watson

Originally Posted by ozomulsion
Just like in college when Nash was his best receiver right? Damn, I don't know how the Vols ever lost a game.

Wayne has one good season to date and their No. 3 is Stokely. You're talking about Wayne and Stokely like they are something very far above average. Proof of how good Sir Peyton is.

oh i forgot. Nash was his only reciever thats right. nevermind that other allstar Peerless and whats that running backs name who kicks ass in bufflo right now? uh, Henry i think and the other in Jamal Lewis. didnt he have 2,000 yds last year? Nate Wayne is one of the fastest recievers in the game right now ( thats why they let Wilkens go ) and stokely is a great reciever with a super bowl ring. oh i know, he doesnt have flash so that doesnt count right? and who is the third reciever again? im sure its a allpro and future hall of famer...but i cant seem to recall his name. umm Marvin....Harry... Harrison. yea. thats him. Damn, give Jake that kind of recieving core and we can do some serious damage. sorry, you'll have to dig deeper.
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