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Emma Watson

Originally Posted by NaptownChief
Would agree with you on all accounts. He has been saddled with very poor defenses most of his career so far. If Dungy can muster up a top 15 defense for the next couple years I would fully expect him to bring Indy a ring, maybe two.

If McNair were saddled with the Colts D and Manning had the Titans the past several years Manning would probably have a ring or two and McNair's teams would struggle to sniff the playoffs. Just my worthless opinion however.

no way. for starters, Peyton has had a much better offesive line and better wideouts than Mcnair has. secondly, there were many times when Mcnair had to get out of trouble much like John in his heyday just to avoid many sacks. Peyton has no mobility whatsover. Peyton is good, but not THAT good.
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