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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Goobzilla
Classy post

Anyway...What's wrong with a little self-confidence from a top notch QB? Is everyone's problem with this the fact that he thinks he's the best or the fact he said he's the best.

I want my QB exuding self-confidence it's contagious to the rest of the team. Manning's not a punk or anything he just believes in himself and his ability, what the hell is so wrong about that?
It's arrogance....not "self-confidence"....This guy lost me a long time ago with his reaction to the statements made by his PK a couple of years ago in the pro-bowl ..I thought he handled that in a classless manner.

Whatever, he's not a favorite of mine by a long shot and while I'll never wish injury on him, it wouldn't bother me at all to see him get humbled a few times this season either by his throwing a lot of INTs or by his tasting the field a few times...especially when Denver plays against him.
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