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If it was such a foregone conclusion that Tim would unseat Sanchez, who is by no means the worst starting QB in the league, then I'd argue that we would've gotten a whole heck of a lot more in trade compensation for him from either the Jets or someone else.
Time has passed, and it's kind of sunk in that that was a dumb and hurried trade. Nobody was really hurting for a quarterback (that didn't have designs on one in the draft), and Tebow's got more value than that as a backup.

All that talk about "Well, you need someone if Peyton goes down to come in and perform the way Peyton does" and then they get Caleb Hanie.

That trade looks more and more silly in hindsight. The rest of the league would have needed more time to factor Tebow into their plans to give a 3rd rounder.
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