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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
I'd say the opposite actually. If I had to bet I'd say, outside of injury to Sanchez, the odds of starting for NY this year are NOT in Tim's favor.

If it was such a foregone conclusion that Tim would unseat Sanchez, who is by no means the worst starting QB in the league, then I'd argue that we would've gotten a whole heck of a lot more in trade compensation for him from either the Jets or someone else.
While I assume he was saying duh that this is Skips opinion, I don't agree with your post. We just lost a good amount of value in trades yesterday. Just because other teams can get the best of this front office, doesn't mean that they gave up everything they were willing to give up. Someone else has nothing to do with the Jets.

Also, no one is saying the Jets plan on starting him. It wouldn't be a prediction of sometime this season if that was the case. It would be a first game of the season prediction.

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