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what's his fac

Top QB's in the NFL right now .........
1. Tom Brady - Say what you want about this guy , he just seems to get the job done ... I like the way Brady reads a defense , and his decision making is outstanding ........ My knock on Brady is he makes Griese look fast running ......
2. Steve McNair - Dude is a warrior , Not the prettiest QB you will see throw the Ball , but Steve will find away to get it done even if he has to run you over to do it .......
3. David Carr - this Pick will have some scratching thier heads , but I like Carrs style , he has enough Arm , guts and determination , he just has to harness it ..........
4.Peyton Manning - Simply the best passer in the NFL , but Manning doesnt let the flow of the game happen , with all of his audibles and hand gestures . I think Manning out thinks himself and his offense on more then 1 occasion per game ......
Thats my take on the Qb's
QB worth mentioning is Brett Farve , he is old but I think he has another season in the tank ...........
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