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Von Miller

Originally Posted by Broncos4Life View Post
I work in the cable industry. NFL/Sunday Ticket is the main reason anyone went Direct TV. That is their main draw. A lot of people aren't getting the discount again. Kudos to those that are able to manipulate and work the game to their advantage. A lot of people don't understand it or believe in it.

With what you can do with high speed internet these days verses the cost of NFL/ST, plus the economy, getting people to come back to a cable/HSI package VS satellite/dsl package isn't very hard....

The only reason I even went to watch 2 Broncos games at bar like BWW or Hooters was to eat some good wings and drink a few cold ones. I was only able to watch maybe 5 televised Broncos games at home. The rest I watched over the net.
Plus with Comcast you still get Redzone for $7/month... WAY AFFORDABLE.

Really it's the only thing worth watching on Sundays other than the Denver game. Take the money you save to the bar on games that aren't primetime.
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