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Alot of links we be up for days so hurry up and download while you can get them. "putlocker" links are 7z Files they're a bit tricky to extract so I'll explain now.

After you download all the files for a game rename the files so that they all have the same name. To rename, right click a file and select rename. A example of a file name is 04_03wk9_den_vs_ne_1h.7z_8e99c. Remove the 04_ in the front of the file name and then remove the_8e99c at the end of the file name. Do this for all the files for that game. The only differences for the file names should be the .001, .002, etc.

After doing that, join the files with a program like hjsplit, and you'll get a rar. Extract the game from the rar and you're done.
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