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Travis Henry

I'd kill for analysis as good as at IAOFM (despite its flaws) to be on the Mane.

Used to be a lot more of it here, in my opinion. This site used to be the best on the web for pure Broncos football talk (SoCal, Med, Drek, Fontain, others are the posters here who are still doing it, but less often it feels like. Camp reports from here were/are awesome too.)

Now the analysis here has been eclipsed, and I go somewhere else for it. Still like the Mane for the community, but less and less for deep football insight.

Disparaging the writers at IAOFM by calling them "nobodies" is a pretty weak ad homonym attack. Bashing someone for posting a link to an article about the Broncos draft is a head scratcher too.

If you actually read their posts, I think they're pretty darn good, despite not being on television, or

TL; DR: clicked this link to see intelligent takes from maners on an interesting draft post, found a bunch of name calling.

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