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Originally Posted by CEH View Post
I have Wolfe as a 3rd round grade DT with Mike Martin
Still , Reyes, Thompson .Ta'Amu (Washington) 2nd round grade
We'll see where he goes.
I'll be sad if we miss out on Ta'amu -- he spoke recently and thinks the Rams will take him @ 33. However, rumors are they might take Cox @ 6. Either way, we won't know -- but I hope we don't miss out on some of the better prospects.

I just don't see guys like Winn, Wolfe, Martin and a few others listed above really making that much of an impact. I don't really like Still that much either.

I hope we can get Worthy, Reyes, Ta'amu or Thompson between 1 and 2. I'm assuming Brockers, Cox and Poe will go before we pick. I think Winn, Wolfe, Martin or Still means we missed out on the best and will be getting some average players.

JMHO. Just hope we have a good draft and whoever we pick ends up being a beast.

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