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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
And what is it that you do? Lately or otherwise? Show us something you've posted that's remotely on par with the quality of this article.
And what makes these guys special? They have a website? It's four guys (nobodies) who write about football. They used to write for MHR (woooooo.). BFD, little known fact...I used to write for a sports website. I guess that makes me a sportswriter and authority as well? Here are their backgrounds, taken from the site itself:

TJ Johnson -

Emmett Smith (no, no that one) -

Doug Lee -
"Despite being a face painter, Doug is actually married and lives in Brooklyn with his wife."
Ted Bartlett (not to be confused with Jed Bartlett) -
"He works as a Divisional Controller for a Fortune 100 company, and is a student in a part-time MBA program."
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