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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by pricejj View Post

Wolfe is the real deal. Patriots and Steelers are goo goo over him. Like I said, I wouldn't doubt the Patriots take him at #27 or #31.

C'mon EFX...grow some cajones. It's real tough to find impact UT's, and Wolfe has all the makings of something special.
Patriots and steelers are interested in him as an Active 5 Tech and not a 3 Tech. However, he is also inflated due to the lack of supply of 3-4 DE's, as opposed to the fact he is a solid Pass rusher.

Wolfe has a lot of skill, but he is maxed out as player, had a great scheme to be productive as a DE/DT tweener, and is sloppy with his tech. What you see is what you get with him, and he is a pass rusher and penetrator who gets washed out of plays run at him.

I would cringe to pick him as a first rounder, even a low first rounder. Late second I would be much happier. Right now I see him as a rotational pass rushing 3 Tech and not an everydown DT.
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