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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Brockers, whom everyone seems to hate, is fantastic. He could play either DT spot, because he offers exceptional ability to push the pocket, penetrate, and stop the run. I just hope his poor combine and average pro day drop him down to 25..

Wait, what?

What is this based off of?

His one season of semi-productive college ball where he did stop the run, but rarely pushed the pocket or penetrated? Keep in mind, he was seldom doubled.

He's also now up to 325 lbs, his playing weight was roughly 305. And his response to the massive weight gain was "whoops, guess I'm 325 now". I don't even know what you get with this guy long term, he might be the next Gilbert Brown. I do know he's *just* a Nose Tackle though, and I know D-linemen that can't pass rush have drastically reduced draft value.

I feel like I don't "hate" Brockers, I find his potential as a plugger intriguing, but this is a major boom-or-bust pick. Even Dontari Poe has three years of solid tape to refer back to. I don't want the first DT we actually decide to take in roughly a decade to be a risky pick.
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