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Originally Posted by BroncoBen View Post
The DT I was pimping was Devon Still from Penn State, I like his size and wing span.. but it seems the consensus is the guy can't play an entire game.. that he fades out as he tires.

Some draftniks say don't expect much production from him in his first season.
Depends what you want from Still. I watched quite a few games on him (twice), and I'm convinced he's more of a hybrid fit as a DT. I don't like him as a pure 3 tech because he's too much of a leaner, and he's not stout enough to be a true nose. Reminds me a lot of Marcus Thomas when he came out. That said, his effort is pretty good and he can be plenty disruptive. I think as a 4 year senior that has improved every season, he's one of the DTs that is most likely to contribute from Day 1, though in a hefty rotation. I also think he'd be stellar as a 34 end.

If I was choosing between Still and Brockers for a penetrating, disruptive DT (i.e. What I believe we should be looking for), I'd take Still every time.

I'd also be fine taking him at #25 if the DTs I rated higher were gone. I view Worthy as an elite penetrating player on a different level, but I think Wolfe and Still are on the same tier and very similar players. I just like Wolfe a tad better due to technique, athleticism, and medical.

Really, I'm a happy camper if we take Worthy, Still, or Wolfe in round 1. I think all three can make a difference from Day 1 as disruptive penetrators.
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