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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
You're right....I tend to think more emotionally than realistically with players like Brandon Inge, but the reality of it is that he is a weak spot and needs to be replaced.
I try not to let my emotions get involved, but I was never a big fan of Inge anyway, and I never understood why he ever got as popular as he became.

IMO if you're striking out over 100 times in a season, you'd better be hitting 25+ home runs or batting over .300 to make up for it. If not, you're on the list of players to replace first.

Tigers would be better off starting Ramon Santiago (who also should be replaced, but is under contract until after next season), whose career BA is 14 points higher than Inge's, and who strikes out about half as often. He may not hit a ton of home runs, but with the Tigers lineup, there will be players on base all season long, and anyone who can hit .250 for the season is going to drive in 50 runs.

Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will be desperate enough to trade for him at the deadline...hopefully an NL team so just in case he does blow up, we'll never have to worry about it.
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