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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Strength and conditioning is only part of it.

Beadles doesn't play with proper leverage and technique.
Because he's never had a significant amount of good coaching as a LG.

He played guard one year in college then played tackle the next three. His first year in the league he was being coached by someone out of their depth (who is now back in his comfort zone as a TE coach) while being shuffled about as the injury replacement swing man at bout OT and OG. Last season he got a shortened off-season to work with a new OL coach.

Same for Walton really, though at least Walton hasn't had his position changed multiple times.

Both of these guys have potential for big steps forward with a full off-season of working with Magazu. So does Franklin. Clady could take a big step forward simply by having his first off-season in two years of real strength and conditioning.

Add that Manning will make their lives easier with his reads at the line and will audible into schemes that will limit the amount of time they need to protect and you have a recipe for significant improvement.

DT and Decker also could break out big with Manning. Both have the complete tool box of WR skills with the only possible exception being Decker's lack of elite deep speed and it's not like he's slow. Both appear to be intelligent young men, and if I recall both did well on the wonderlic coming out of college so there is some (slight) corroboration to that. Given enough time to work with Manning they both can likely digest the intricacies of Manning's offense from a WR standpoint. Both will be going into year three as well, a breakout period in most WRs careers.

The big key to me for this offense to be truly elite is an all purpose RB to round out Manning's available options. McGahee is a between the tackles hammer, he doesn't offer home run potential and he doesn't catch the ball well. Moreno is a questionable runner between the tackles but does the secondary things (pass pro, run routes, catch the ball) well. If we could combine them we'd have one complete back. Instead we have none.

That is why, to me, there are two backs in this draft we need to key in on. Doug Martin and Robert Turbin. We need one of the two. Martin is the safer bet but both have a Matt Forte type ceiling and would give Manning an awesome weapon to work with and take the pressure off in short yardage situations.
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