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This isn't about what Manning has done in his career. It's about how he'll do as a FA pickup in Denver...and he has a lot to live up to to be better than those players.

Brees won a SB and has made the Saints an elite team for years, Warner took the Rams to 2 SB's and even took the Cardinals to one as a FA, Sanders played a big role in the Cowboys and 49ers winning the SB as a FA.
Ok, great. I don't think anyone expected Brees or Warner to do what they did either. At the times of their respective signings, Manning was the bigger get then all of them. Second biggest of all time probably.

Now 3 years from now, maybe Denver fans will feel how Chief fans felt after the Joe Montana years.. and it won't be seen quite as great.

I don't get how you could assume he won't have the same impact as those other players though. Nobody really knows. All I can do now is judge him where he is right now.
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