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At the moment, Matt Cassel appears ready to step into the 2012 season as the clear starter in Kansas City. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the Chiefs’ brain trust is totally committed to Cassel going forward.

The Kansas City Star reports that the Chiefs haven’t seemed sold on Cassel this offseason and are giving off mixed signals about where he stands with the team.

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel says he wants to see more consistency from Cassel.

“That consistency . . . I think that’s the biggest thing with Matt,” Crennel said. “I think he’s excited about this year, about having Brian Daboll as our offensive coordinator, because he knows Brian and he knows the system Brian brings, and I’ve talked to Matt several times in the offseason and . . . he’s ready to go to work. He can’t wait for April 16th [the start of the Chiefs’ offseason program] to get here so he can start getting into the playbook.”

However, the Kansas City Star suggests that a week after April 16th gets here, Cassel will have new competition for the job, in the form of Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, whom the Chiefs worked out last week.

It seems unlikely at this point that Tannehill will still be there at No. 11, where the Chiefs pick. But if Tannehill takes an unexpected fall out of the Top 10, the Chiefs could be the team to catch him.

If that happens, there will be no doubt that the Chiefs plan to move on from Cassel. Right now, whether or not they believe in Cassel as their long-term quarterback is up in the air.
So, you might get Ryan Tannehill if he drops? Awesome.
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