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Kush & Irsay

Broncos want another RB regardless of Knowshon Moreno's condition

Moreno is a former first-round pick, just 24, and may have been having the best day of his career as a runner with 52 yards on four carries against the Chiefs when he was injured along the sideline. And with the offense the Broncos will run featuring Peyton Manning behind center, there would be a place for a back who catches the ball as well as Moreno does. Also, Moreno is well-versed in pass protection a must for any NFL back to play on third down.

But Fox wants some more muscle in the backfield in support of 30-year-old Willis McGahee.

In his tenure with the Carolina Panthers, Fox was in the team's "war room" when it used two first-round picks on running backs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart to have the kind of depth in the backfield he wanted. The strength of the draft board this year doesn't show any backs beyond Alabama's Trent Richardson with unquestionable first-round grades.

But there are numerous bigger backs with middle-round grades who will get a long look from the Broncos.
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