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Moreno was hurt all year and only had one game with more than 8 carries. It's not really a fair comparison IMO. McGahee obviously had a career resurgence last year with a style of offense that really benefitted him.

All I was doing was rebutting the "suck balls" comment by providing hard data. It's not like I'm calling him all pro or even great. The guy's shown that when he's healthy, he can produce. And he's basically playing for the league minimum at this point, so there's no risk.

Williams who? Do you mean Stewart? Because nobody's been a bigger proponent of bringing him in than me.
Moreno makes more sense in a Manning scheme. But he doesn't make any sense as a primary back on a team serious about running the ball. He's either a receiving back on a pass-happy team, or a 3rd down back on a more balanced offense.

McGahee did well last year, but 31 is old, and he wasn't exactly durable last year as it was. If the team is serous about running the ball, it will pick up quality young legs. And I think for a second rounder, you're more likely to see better production out of Stewart than a run-of-the-mill late 2nd round draft pick.
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