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Default I hate to ask anyone for help.......... BUT

One of my good friends (Goldy) is in need so I figured I would try to help him.

A bit of background.....

He came here as an international student from India, completed his undergrad at CSU (where I met him) and is now living with his uncle in North Carolina (just outside raleigh)

In late July his uncles house caught on fire and burned down......he lost everything in the fire..........clothes, passport, visa, you name it he lost it........ only made it out with the clothes on his back.

He came here trying to better himself and his family back home. International students are not allowed to work anywhere but on-campus jobs, and can work no more than 20 hours a week per federal laws. While he was in India he saved as much money as he could........ to get him through undergrad when he came here. While he was in undergrad he did so well with his classes he was offered a tuition remission......... instead of partying or enjoying himself like others would with his extra money.... he still saved every penny with the thought of going to grad school.... to better himself even more and be the first in his family to accomplish this.

he went to school in NC....... and lived with his uncle to save on expenses.....but then the fire hit and he lost everything. He had to travel back to india to get new travel documents (passport, I-20 authorization, etc) because all of his were lost.

That money he had to spend to replace all these things and his trip back to India has left him a bit short on cash to cover his LAST semester of Grad school.

being one of best friends........... I am trying to help in any way I can, but times are tough for everyone and unfortunately I can't do it on my own. With everything his family and uncle gave him, and everything i could afford he is still about $1800 short. His payment is due in the beginning of may...or else he wont be able to register for his classes. If he can't take classes, he will fall below the federal guidelines of international students and he will face deportation before he finishes his degree.

Like i said he is one of my best friends........HE EVEN INTRODUCED ME TO MY WIFE!

He came here not knowing anything about the NFL.......... now he is an NFL GURU...(Though a Giants fan...boooo ) He calls me all the time........ "Dude, how could they throw a flag on that, or "who the hell was Tebow throwing to on that pass" He loves it.......... almost more that me hahaha

If anyone can help........... even if its $2, $5, $20 etc....... it would be appreciated by not only him, but equally as much by me.

If you can, and only if you want......... my paypal address is

Thanks in advance!

Here is the link to the story about his house
(he is the 24 yr old nephew in the story)

Me and my wife on the bottom, Goldy top right!
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