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Default American Desperado - America's Cocaine Kingpin

Anyone read this book by Evan Wright? I'm halfway through and as appalled as I am by what this guy was involved with I can't put it down. Jon Roberts was the Cocaine king of our day serving as the mover in the US for the Medellin cartel. He grew up in the mafia following in his fathers footsteps after watching him blow a guys head off because he wouldn't back his car off a bridge and let them go first. Here are a couple of excerpts:

"The main thing for the Outcasts when I started with them was fighting. They liked to fight the football players or go to popular kids’ parties and beat them up. Dominic* was the Outcast who taught me to fight. His belief was: To give a beating, you got to take a beating. You learn to take pain so it doesn’t make you curl up or run. We’d go in his basement, and all the Outcasts would beat the **** out of me. They beat me with their hands, with pool cues, belts, chair legs. Then they taught me how to use those tools properly.

Bat fighting was the big one. Once you get your guy on the ground, the first thing you need to do is reverse your grip. Point the bat down like you’re grinding herbs in a mortar and pestle. Pump it up and down on the person. Focus on taking out the knees, elbows, and hands. After that, they ain’t running. Now you can take your time cracking their ribs, busting their balls — anything you want. When you got a bat, you’re king."

"When we had parties at the clubs, Andy and me started spiking the punch with LSD. We’d have these old mustached wiseguys show up, and we thought it was hilarious to get them high on acid. At one of these parties, we dumped handfuls of LSD blotter paper into the punch. “This is going to be the funniest **** ever,” Andy said. No old wiseguys came, but Ed Sullivan showed up. First thing he did was take a cup of LSD punch. He walked around chatting like normal. Then his face got a wild look. He grabbed at something in the air that didn’t exist and held the walls with his hands. We sent a whore over to ask what he was feeling. He went paranoid on her. He yelled, “Who are you?” He stepped closer and put his hand on her tit. He started twisting it like a doorknob. Andy and me got a brainstorm: If we could get Ed Sullivan ****ing the whore on film, we could blackmail him. I told her to take him into the back room. Me and Andy peeked in. The whore took her boobies out of her shirt so Sullivan could play with them, but when she tried to get him undressed, he freaked. He went into the corner and started crying."

Here is where it is football related

" And through his friendship with Dolphins running back Mercury Morris, Roberts became the unofficial supplier of choice to the NFL, hosting cocaine- and whore-packed blowouts at his home for the likes of O.J. Simpson and, on the eve of their 1979 Super Bowl win, a significant portion of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ starting lineup"

This guy knew everyone and describes the judges lawers politicians etc that were and probably still are on the take. Bebe Rebozo would get access to have military fighetrs fly fresh crab and lobster from Miami to Calif because of his power and access to Nixon.

One of the most memorable quotes is where he says we are all just commoners and we have no idea what goes on in the world. After reading the book I think he is right.

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