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You guys really believe that, even most of it? Too bad. Not that we disagree, but that you don't experience the same power of 'One' or 'Two Hearts Beat as One.' Songs that mean and move like 'Pride in the Name of Love' and 'Bullet the Blue Sky,' fun like 'Angel of Harlem,' 'Sweetest Thing,' 'Love Comes to Town.' Can't imagine how anybody could resist the irresistable shout-out-loud energy of 'Beautiful Day.'

I suppose I might be overrating them by reference, in that I'm often heard calling Bono is the best human being on the planet. Which I believe

Okay, south of Page-Plant and Jagger-Richards, north of Townsend-Daltrey and Henley-Frey. You might not appreciate the depth of their discography, it's double-triple that of Zeppelin or the Eagles.
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