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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Final comparison pics are here:

^ Lighting really sucks in those pics :/ So bright it washed out a lot of definition... Even this relaxed photo after the gym looks better

And because this part might be what's helpful to people, here's the full thread detailing just about everything I did in the twelve weeks (workouts, diet, etc) starts here:
So you and I talked at the beginning of my little weight loss endeavor a few months back. Thought I would give you the results thus far. I started at 209 and as of this morning I was 184, so 25 pounds of fat burned off, increased my 225 reps from 6 to 10, been working my legs like crazy and recently ran a 10k race at 43.01 (6.57/mm). Problem is, I have the flub around my gut and love handles still. These effers just wont go away!
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