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1. It's not like Manning is working with completely new skill players. Tamme knows the Manning offense and will be there in the offseason/camp to work with Dreessen and the others.

2. Stokley was already involved in recruiting Manning to Denver and he's already working out with him. No doubt he's going to be working with Decker/DT to get them up to speed as well and will be brought into camp (what else is he going to do this offseason?).

3. And then there's Jack Del Rio who has had success against Manning in the past and played against him TWICE a year for a decade. He's going to be crucial in exploiting/highlighting every weakeness/deficiency in our WRs/TEs and providing them with a defensive perspective on how they'll be defended.

The only genuine area of concern is the interior in Walton/Beadles and I'm not going to venture how they'll pan out. I remain skeptical but we'll know more once OTAs start off. If someone like Walton is STILL struggling then they can always bring in an experienced safety net in Dan Koppen.

Ultimately, yes, it comes down to execution and you get that by individual players working hard in their preparation. We have a coaching staff that got the entire offense to buy into that approach even while completey changing around the offense midseason with Tebow with the only malcontent in Lloyd being shipped out immediately.

If those same guys can go all out for someone like Tebow who was learning and making mistakes then they'll go the extra distance for a Hall of Fame QB that can get them closer to that championship game.
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