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Question: when's the last time a Peyton Manning-team went 8-8?
Answer: 2001. Every season since then he's won 10 games, and most of the time 12.

Second question: what happened to the Colts last year when Manning didn't play?
Answer: They went from 10-6 to 2-14.

Bottom line...tough schedule or not, barring a major catastrophe the Broncos will win 10 games and the AFC West next year. John Clayton had an interesting column on about a week ago about how many wins a QB brings to the team, and Peyton Manning was near the top. This season will show the Broncos won as many games last year in spite of Tim Tebow as they did because of him.

Mark me down for 10 or more. GO BRONCOS!
People who are expecting 2006 Peyton Manning in 2012 tickle me...
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