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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I just remember stories of Peyton, Wayne and Harrison going over the timing of routes for hours and hours.
Then of course there's this story:

What's Manning's next coach going to get?

"A player who is totally driven to make everyone around him better," Dungy says. "That, to me, is the gist of Peyton Manning.

"One of my last years in Indianapolis (2007), we drafted (Ohio State WR) Anthony Gonzalez in the first round. Well, because of the rules that prevented rookies from fully participating in the offseason program until their colleges had graduation, Anthony couldn't come in until sometime in June. He missed a lot of time.

"But Peyton drove twice a week to Columbus -- about a three-hour drive each way -- to work out with Anthony and get him ready to be our slot receiver. A lot of people don't know that he did that.

"But that's the kind of drive and tenacity that he has. That's what you'll get."
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