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I thought it interesting in that there didn't seem to be many post-snap reads that the qb and wr were required to by in synergy (God damn I love using that word in football!) with each other. Rather, it appeared to be pretty simple stuff, albiet Tebow will take years before he might even be able to do the simplist stuff. Take two tightends, and split em both into slots. If the OLB go with them, run the ball. If they don't, either should be open on an out route, with the recievers running the corners off by deep routes.

The slot guy has the nickle back by the shorthairs because he had no inside nor outside help. Stokely just reads with side the nickle cheats, and takes a route the other way, and Peyton lays it in.

If the corners and safeties show cover two, there's an open spot deep outside, and the running back is an easy throw in the slot. If it's man, the nickleback is in a tough spot.

Like the article said, it didn't even get to reading the safties, and that's actually the first place the qb looks when he comes to the line. It'll be interesting to see how this defelops. The link I put up yesterday about how a Manning offense has branches off routes also seemed to me to imply the basic concept was pretty simple. And that sucess was more about Peyton making consistent reads and putting the ball on the spot where the reciever knew it'd be. Consistency.
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