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Originally Posted by 55CrushEm View Post
I hear everything you're saying. But the point is we were/are one of the youngest teams in the NFL....and we were ALREADY A PLAYOFF TEAM. So to go out and get Manning, who yes, instantly makes our offense FAR FAR better...... still has to pay off in a Superbowl.....precisely BECAUSE we were ALREADY on the up-and-up, young, playoff team, etc.....

Again, if you think if 5 years go by WITHOUT a Lombardi.....that signing Manning will be viewed as "successful".....I simply disagree. I believe this move MUST payoff in a championship.
I think winning the AFC will be enough. Manning and Bowlen (and EFX) want to win it, but for us fans .... we didn't beat Pitt, and the zebras pretty much gave that one to the AFC.
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