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The ultimate goal MUST be to win at least one Superbowl with this guy....or else it WILL be a failure.
That's every team's ultimate goal every single year. And I suppose years after the fact, this is how seasons are judged.

But as a fan, do people really think there's much difference between the fans of the Superbowl winning team and the Superbowl losing team? I always think back to the Pats/Giants Superbowl from 07. Giants win in the final seconds.

Did Giants fans have a better season than the Pats fans? I don't think so. Pats fans saw their team win every game. And they were in the entire Superbowl, only losing right at the very end. It was an awesome season.

What extras do the Giants fans get? I suppose the evening of the Superbowl that partied some more. They get to tell people at work how awesome it is for a few days around the water cooler. But the truth is, it is fleeting. A week after the Superbowl, it's over. Football is over.

So I suppose years from now, Broncos pundits will look back at the Manning era and judge it by the rings it produced. But as a fan, it's time to enjoy it right now, and let history write its own story.

Manning has 1 Superbowl ring. I suppose that means he has 13 failed seasons. But I have watched every one of those seasons, and none of them ever felt like a failure during the season to me. (well, maybe 2 of them did!)
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