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Originally Posted by WhoIsJohnGalt View Post
Broncos records of late:

2011: 8-8
2010: 4-12
2009: 8-8
2008: 8-8
2007: 7-9
2006: 9-7

not alot to be optimistic about in recent years.

also, as new Broncos fans, look up how many of these years featured 0-3 slides to end the regular season.
Ok, I did. I see your point.

But I don't think you should damn the fate of 2012 based on a head honcho core that wasn't yet in place.
Elway is only on year 2
Fox - year 2
Del Rio - year 1. (I don't know what the chatter was, but I think Del Rio was a damn good grab)
Manning - year 1
That's a lot of new chiefs, proven chiefs. And last year, even with a wild card win, the 2011 Broncos were not Elway and Fox's vision.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the coach meetings. I have a feeling these guys are as fired up as I am.

Come on bro, relax and have some fun. Throw back your EZ chair and have a cocktail.
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