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Originally Posted by WhoIsJohnGalt View Post
thank you. that's what i'm saying. we need MORE pieces for the jigsaw puzzle before the whole thing comes together. if Manning had 10 more years, then no problem... we can take our time getting them on the cheap as free agents or via the draft. but he doesn't have 10 more years, so our FO needs to be more urgent and needs to be really good to get those needs met sooner rather than later.

i honestly don't care if somebody thinks Manning makes us 20% better or 30% better. it's the silly idea that Manning all by himself makes us 100% better and automatic SB contenders. i've seen some people claim that we are now the odds-on favorite to win the SB. that's just not so.
Vegas doesn't agree with you at all and no one is claiming we are a LOCK to win the SB. They said our odds are better. If you don't think our O or team is improved with Manning over Tebow please tell me so. That way I can just add you to my iggy list.
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