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if Manning is so good that he instantly makes every other player on the roster so much better that his team becomes a legit SB contender, then why did Indy give him up? why didn't every team in the league come knocking for his services? why doesn't have have 10 or 11 Lombardis already?

whatever benefits a healthy Manning may bring to this team on both O and D are offset by some very real needs we have for quality starting NFL players at some positions, and a real problem with depth on the roster if/when the inevitable injuries occur to key starters.

and on top of that, Manning still needs to work with his offense to get the system implemented and well-rehearsed. i don't see that happening in just 1 training camp.

so to win now, we need to start filling these holes and we can't wait to do it over 2 or 3 drafts. the timetable has been pushed up. the draft can no longer be the primary way to acquire the necessary pieces because it takes too long to get those 5 or 6 quality starters that we need that way.

that's what i'm saying. go ahead and put a lifesize picture of Manning on the ceiling above your bed. i don't care. i'm not even telling you that your crush on him is wrong. i'm simply saying that he's not enough to get us back to the SB. same thing if we were talking about Brees or Brady or Rodgers all by themselves as well.

maybe in SF, a healthy Manning is all that would be needed to get to the SB with the roster they have, but they built that roster over several years. we haven't been doing that. go back to the beginning of the McD regime and see how we essentially pressed the reset button on what Shanny was doing. now look at last year and you'll see that alot of what McD did in 2 years has been purged from the roster as well. we are not a team that has been rebuilding and stockpiling talent for several consecutive years. so to give Manning what he needs, we will have to pursue free agents and veterans via trade.
Indy gave him up simply because Irsay, colts owner, felt that this offseason was the perfect opportunity to scrap everything and rebuild. The front office and coaching staff are compltely different faces with different philosophies and ideas. The colts will be a different team next year. To answer your question in easy form: Colts are looking to rebuild, Peyton is looking for another ring, or two. It was best of both parties' interests to part ways.

SB rings are a team effort. Like I said before, I never said Peyton was going to win 5 superbowls, but youd have to be an idiot to think that Peyton will not higher the chances of winning a lombardi.

Manning's best friends for the next couple of months will be DT, decker, dresseen, and Tamme (or a week ago...), the offense will hopefully mesh together.

I understand your argument more, and you obviously know the broncos better than me. There are holes that do need to be filled yes, and you believe they need to be done through free agency. That point, I can agree with. As the window isnt very large.
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