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then why did Indy give him up? why didn't every team in the league come knocking for his services? why doesn't have have 10 or 11 Lombardis already?
Reality is, no one player gives you a Superbowl victory. Having Manning guarantees you nothing, and I am sure he will say something virtually the same every week (he always has).. What you will get is a solid run offense, with a very realistic shot at winning the division.

The goal is to make the playoffs. The 2nd goal is to be hot going into the playoffs. If people just assume that picking up Peyton means you better start clearing space on the shelf for the Lombardis, there's a fair chance you will be disappointment. Every year is a struggle and only 1 team can win.

But if you're outlook is just that you want to Broncos play well, make the playoffs, and have a SHOT at the Lombardi, then strap the F in. Looks to be a good year.

Christ, enjoy it already. If you don't enjoy this, I can't imagine what you will ever enjoy as a fan.
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