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I know you're a pre-Denver Manning fan, as am I. From previous years, we know what's going on. What we both said is true and we know it.

I hate to be overly optimistic. But I see a lot of "if Peyton is as good as he was...", and "if Manning can put up the numbers he did in ..."
Get this...I've watched Manning for 14 years...he's gotten better EVERY year. I know there's a plateau somewhere. And I know he didn't have neck surgery every one of those 14 years.

But mark my words: No one works harder. No one practices or prepares more. He's coming back, and it wouldn't suprise me to see have his best season ever. Sound far fetched? It's not...he's done it every other year of his career.

People are worried he might not live up to 2010 or 2009. But I'd put my money on the side that says he'll do even better.
When Manning was recovering, there was analyst talk of his retirement. I told people that believed that then..."Don't bet against Peyton Manning"
I cant agree anymore with this post!! you and I probably know Manning best/better than denver fans... I know the stats really dont support that Peyton has gotten better ever year, but if any of you watched every colt game like me and jerseygurl (represent to NJ!) youd easily say that Manning never really "plateau"ed as a QB. He gets smarter and better all the time. Add to the fact that as the years went on, in my eyes the colts started to rely heavier and heavier on Manning. He wasnt MVP in 08 and 09 for no reason! He literally had the team on his back. Everyone saw the colts decline as a team too, when in 2010 they went 10-6 vs their normal 12+ win seasons...
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