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you're the one who is acting as if all problems are solved. i know it makes you happy to have Manning and to be rid of Tebow. but it's only the first step if this is truly to become a SB contending team. can Manning win Lombardis with a dearth of talent around him? need i remind you that the Broncos record in recent years has been.

2011: 8-8
2010: 4-12
2009: 8-8
2008: 8-8
2007: 7-9
2006: 9-7

do those records indicate to you that we've been stockpiling talent and building a SB contending franchise? because they don't to me.
The Denver team right now has much MUCH more talent than the Colts' team of 2010 that went 10-6. There is no reason to think even with the tough schedukle they have this year Denver can't go 10-6 themselves.
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