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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Actually YOU destroyed it with your own logic. The team took a conventional balanced offense and switched MID-Season to a college run heavy protection offense with limited pass-option reads. They simplified the offense and prayed the defense could keep them in games. When they did, the new offense won games, while Implemented in the middle of the season with players based on a whole different model.

You are going backwards with your analogy and implying that players drafted for the balanced sytem actually won more games when they went to an entirely new system they were introduced to in a short term! The team now gets a HOF QB whose best talent is putting the team into the best play at the LOS and runs the simplest offense in the NFL and you are trying to tell me it will take years of development to succeed?

Based on what? They get to train all offseason, install everything, get minicamps, and have a QB who is already throwing to the WR's more than TEBOW had in the offseason. Really, explain to me how we are supposed to believe they have no shot going forward to pick this offense up and flourish. It's not a complicated system.
Obviously, I'm not getting how this is the simplest offense in the NFL. How is it so simple?

Because there are no complicated playcalls into the huddle?
Because there is only one play called in, letting the huddle break fast, then Manning uses the remaining time on the play clock to adjust as he sees fit?
Because there are three plays called into the huddle, then Manning chooses one, then they break the huddle fast, then Manning uses the remaining time on the play clock to adjust as he sees fit?

I have to admit it worked in Indy to the tune of a lot of Div Titles and playoff appearances, didn't work all that great in the playoffs, they had a lot of low-scoring O performances.

You said Indy had the attitude "we'll outplay you, not outscheme you." Ok, that's fine, we'll see how it pans out. Maybe I'm being overly skeptical, but this isn't Indy. I'm a Teboner, so keep that in mind.
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