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you people with your magic beans theory... it's just nonsense.

signing Manning doesn't do a damned thing to address the multiple problems on defense.

signing Manning requires us to run out of a 3-receiver set. who are these 3 receivers? DT? Decker? and who? DT and Decker are very young and inexperienced. are you going to draft another receiver? is he going to be productive as a rookie? is Manning going to have the timing worked out with these guys in just 1 camp? will our young receivers learn how to run the right routes or figure out what Manning is expecting simply by osmosis?

if Manning automatically guarantees us a SB trip this year, why did Indy give him up? and why didn't he take Indy to the SB every year?

for all your b****ing about Tebow fans being delusional, you are every bit as delusional if you think signing Manning and a handful of draft picks makes us a SB contender. unless Manning really does have a bag of magic beans. which he doesn't.
You're wasting your breath. You can't reason with delusion.
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