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Originally Posted by WhoIsJohnGalt View Post
you people with your magic beans theory... it's just nonsense.

signing Manning doesn't do a damned thing to address the multiple problems on defense.
Wrong. From 06-10, the Colts were in top 5 teams with the highest # of 1st downs (with a couple #1's). Denver expects this from Manning and they certainly didn't have it before. More 1st downs is more rest time for defense. More rest goes a long way to make players look (and play) better.

signing Manning requires us to run out of a 3-receiver set.
Based on the TE pick ups, I expect to see just as much (or more) of a 2 TE set
is Manning going to have the timing worked out with these guys in just 1 camp? will our young receivers learn how to run the right routes or figure out what Manning is expecting simply by osmosis?
Look what Manning did for Austin Collie and Anthony Gonzalez in their rookie years. I am sure everyone understands how important this is, and I half expect they are already throwing together.
for all your b****ing about Tebow fans being delusional, you are every bit as delusional if you think signing Manning and a handful of draft picks makes us a SB contender. unless Manning really does have a bag of magic beans. which he doesn't.
Sources have reported Manning does, in fact, have a bag of magic beans.
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